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Rise of Asia and Spirit of networking

Cause of Asia

I am passionate about the cause of Asia. In Hanoi Conference, I highlighted my thoughts on Asia and emphasised that values of greater Asia can benefit not only Asia pacific but entire world. Hanoi conference was the place where I outlined greater Asian dream of higher education. The membership of APQN responded positively.

We received over whelming support for two constitutional changes which aimed at providing extended term to board to ensure sustenance of various initiatives and projects launched by us recently. I am proud to see that with modest figure of about 30 in 2005, our membership base has now crossed figure of 150 in January 2015 and we are still receiving many applications.


Success of Hanoi conference has boosted our moral and last year saw good progress of various projects by APQN within and outside the region.

Asia - Europe exchange programme in collaboration with European Consortium of Accreditation (ECA) has been well received in both Asia & Europe.

APQN is actively involved as a partner in QACHE project in collaboration with ENQA & ANQAHE. Asia regional seminar on QACHE at Macau hosted gracefully by GAES was great example of spirit of collaboration among Asian, European and Arab region partners in quality assurance. I must appreciate great efforts by Fang le and APQN secretariat in moving this forward.


Asia pacific Quality Register (APQR), the dream project on which I have been working since 2013, is finally a reality. The concluding session of stakeholder consultation at Macau has finally given birth to APQR since January 2015.

The first meeting of APQR Council will be held in Kunming on 17 April 2015. Presence of UNESCO and other regional representatives adds to the credibility of APQR.

Asia Pacific Quality Information Portal (APQIP), another brain child of mine, is taking shape and ready for inauguration during Kunming conference, thanks to support by Prof. Colin, Karina Uffert , Samanthi , Savitha and colleagues.

Projects in progress:

APQN Quality label and QA Certificate programme are another two projects in pipeline and we would see the activities in coming few months with initiatives from colleagues on APQN Board.

We have also taken an important decision to publish proceedings of APQN annual conferences as a part of publication series. 2012 APQN conference publication is due for release in April 2015 and other publications would follow soon.

The 3rd edition of APQN Quality Award has received good response and membership is waiting for announcement of new Quality Champions with fingers crossed.

Global recognition and collaboration:

The work done by us at APQN has been globally admired and recognised. As APQN president, I was invited on various global platforms such as UNESCO, European Commission and many such fora, where I had an opportunity to advance the cause of Asia in particular and developing world in general.

I succeeded in reviving our partnership with INQAAHE on global database of consultants and reviewers. Expansion of database is underway at the moment. Our new partnership with ECA and ENQA stand testimony to our spirit of collaboration.

Rise of Asia

The ultimate taste of our work done at APQN was recent election of INQAAHE, our global network for quality assurance bodies. A good number of my friends in APQN persuaded me to accept the nomination to run for INQAAHE elections, as they wanted to see similar transformation seen by APQN in last 4 years. And the result is here. In the history of INQAAHE of over 24 years , colleagues all over the world voted me to become the first Asian to be the President of INQAAHE.

I do not believe this as my success. I owe it to spirit of Asia , I owe it to consistent work done by all colleagues at APQN and I would describe this historic win as strong indication of rise of Asia on global higher education quality scenario.

Spirit of Networking

And we together now owe a much better and much different networking system to higher education fraternity of the world. The system which will be based on spirit of collaboration, system driven on bridges of technology & social media and the system based on trust and mutual respect.

For the first time in QA history APQN and INQAAHE has same President. We celebrate this on a very positive note of collaborative spirit and announce with delight that Fiji Higher Education commission has kindly agreed to host both INQAAHE forum and APQN conference 2016 as back to back events. The new era of networking among networks has begun and I hope it will stay longer for the good of QA community.

Dr Jagannath Patil

Dr Jagannath Patil
President, Asia Pacific Quality Network