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I. Introduction

APQN Quality Awards were initiated in 2013 which aimed to mark decennial celebrations of APQN. By 2023, 65 awards have been given to prize winners both within and outside the Asia-Pacific Region. As feedback to APQN Quality Awards has been very encouraging, APQN Board decided that awards would continue every year but some of the Award themes may change accordingly.

APQN would encourage members which have been doing much more outstanding work individually,institutionally, nationally as well asinternationally to submit applications for Quality Awards. APQN Quality Award is intended to identify and distinguish extraordinary or prominent QA contributions and good practices that have potential of replications in the Asia-Pacific area. APQN Criteria and Chiba principles will be generally applied to all categories as selection criteria.

2. Award Category

APQN Quality Award categories are as follows:

Category Award Description Nominee
1. APQN’s Best/Model Internal QA Award This award is forinstitutional and associate members only. The members who have committed to quality assurance mechanisms and quality culture building are encouraged to apply for this award so as to make much wider circulation about their best or model IQA practices and experiences. institutional & associate member of APQN
2. APQN Quality Champions Award This award is set up for individuals of APQN members who have made outstanding contributions in promoting quality and excellence of higher education and recognized nationally and internationally in his or her research achievements or leadership of QA activities. individuals of APQN members
3. APQNAward of International Cooperation in QA Category 1: This award is open to full and intermediate APQN members. This award recognizes organizations which have engaged in successful cooperation with other organizations internationally to further cross-border education and quality assurance of international initiatives. full and intermediate members of APQN
Category 2: This award is also open to organizations outside the APQN region. This award recognizes organizations which have engaged in successful cooperation with organizations and institutions within the Asia-Pacific region to further cross-border education and quality assurance of international initiatives. organizations outside the APQN region
4. APQNAward of Strengthening CQA Profession The organizations which have taken steps to strengthen quality assurance as a profession by various means such as contributing to formal qualifications in quality assurance, providing professional training, courses to staff for professional development, offering sabbatical to employees to gain formal qualifications in quality assurance, introducing short/ long courses for assessors / reviewers for empaneling on database etc. all members of APQN
5. APQNAward of Staff Capacity Building This award is open to all categories of APQN members. The members who have made prominent contributions in training all kinds of staff capacity, supporting staff reviewers locally and/or regionally, especially those who have developed sound and effective material kit of training would be nominated. all members of APQN
6. APQN Best Consultant Award This award is open to the 184 consultants listed in Database of Consultants of APQN website (http://www.apqn.org/services/consultantsdb/) who did contribution to quality of higher education in this region, who have provided advice, conducted workshops, did onsite reviews and all other activities to the member organizations of APQN, INQAAHE and ANQAHE. All the consultant listed in Database of Consultants of APQN website
7. APQN Best Volunteer Award This award is open to all the volunteers who did contribution for the development of APQN, including expert volunteers, activity volunteers, volunteer translators, etc. all the volunteers
8. APQN Best Benefactor This award is open to all the fund and in-kind donators who did contribution for the development of APQN. It is automatically given due to contribution made. all the donators
9.Successful Hosting APQN Annual Conference This award is given to the host who hold APQN Annual Conference (AAC) and Annual General Meeting (AGM). It is automatically given to host of AAC. the host of AAC and AGM

3. Nomination Form and Submission

Only Chief Executive Officers of APQN Full, Intermediate and Associate members and APQN Board members can send nominations for themselves or other APQN members. The presidents of institutional members could send nominations for themselves or other APQN institutional members for APQN’s Best Internal QA Award.

Generally APQN member will not be considered for award for two consecutive years. Members can submit upto two nominations free of cost. Fee of 50 USD per nomination will be applicable if more nominations are made.

Special attention should be given to the applicants’ Contribution to APQN because it is “APQN’s Award” who has been devoted to “enhancing the quality of higher education in the Asia-Pacific Region”.

Please fill in the nomination form for APQN Quality Awards

Award category
Names and contact details of members being nominated
Names and contact details of the person making nomination
Detailed description of Award nomination (including background, purpose, procedures, reasons of successand impact;relevant evidence, especially its contribution to APQN; upto 800 words)
Promotion value

(especially promoting in the Asia-Pacific Region, up to 200 words)

Description on Contribution to APQN (This part is filled by APQN administrator based on the historical records, APQNews and Annual reports)
Panel Decision

□Accepted         □Rejected


(Signed by the review committee )

Nomination forms could be submitted to APQN Administrator by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4. Selection Procedure

After the nomination forms are received, the administrator will fill in the “Description on Contribution to APQN” according to the historical records and then make a list on all the applicants.

A review committee made up of all the Board members will review all the nominations and make final decision on Quality Awards. No appeal will be provided as this is a peer review or judgment. In order to avoid conflict of interest, 1) those who are both nominators and reviewers cannot vote for the applicants he/she nominated; 2) the reviewer cannot vote the same applicant from that he/she belongs to.

5. Award Presentation

APQN Quality Award will be presented during the forthcoming APQN Annual conference. Attractive mementoes and certificateswill be awarded to the winners.

In addition, award winners will be invited to present and share their good practices in APQNews or AAC with other members as well.

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