Membership Fees

The fee amount is determined by the General Council which is composed of Full Members, Intermediate Members, Associate Members and Institutional Members.

The 2016 Annual General Meeting(AGM) has approved the result of the electronic voting for the proposal to increase the membership fees standard from the year 2017. That is USD 100.00 will be added for all categories of members and observers starting from the year 2017. The increased membership fees will be used to bring more benefit for members and keep the sustainability of APQN. See the following table.

APQN Membership fee since 2017

Categories Member Observer Status
Full Intermediate Associate Institutional
Initial Joining Fee $500 $500 $500 $500 N/A
Member Fee (if non-INQAAHE member) $400 $400 $300 $300 $250
Member Fee (if INQAAHE member) $380 $380 $300 $300 $250

(available at: )

The Secretariat sends out the invoices early in the year, normally in January. The fee is always paid for one calendar year (January until December). New members that apply during the year receive the invoice immediately after their application is accepted.

All Members receive the electrical version of APQN’s Annual Report, APQNews and the Journal “Higher Education Evaluation and Development”.

Members whose fees are in arrears by more than a year will not receive the Annual Report, APQNews and the Journal until they have paid their fees.

When the fee invoices are sent, early in the year, members one year in arrears (i.e. who have not paid for the previous year) are informed that they now owe two years’ fees. The Board may designate a director within the member’s regions, or with some other close relationship to the member, asking them to call to say a final notice is about to be issued, and making a personal request for continuance.

Any members three years in arrears when the invoices are sent are informed that if they do not pay by a specified date (about a month ahead), they will be removed from the Register–and this is implemented, with no further action.

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