Restricted Area

II. Purposes

4. The purposes of APQN are:
  4.1. to promote good practice in the maintenance and improvement of quality in higher education in the Asia-Pacific region;
  4.2. to facilitate research in the region into the practice of quality management in higher education and its effectiveness in improving the quality of higher education in the region;
  4.3. to provide advice and expertise to assist the development of new quality assurance agencies in the region;
  4.4. to facilitate links between quality assurance agencies and acceptance of each others' decisions and judgements;
  4.5. to assist members of APQN to determine standards of institutions operating across national borders;
  4.6. to permit better-informed international recognition of qualifications throughout the region;
  4.7. to assist in the development and use of credit transfer schemes to enhance the mobility of students between institutions both within and across national borders;
  4.8. to enable members of APQN to be alert to dubious accrediting practices and organisations; and
  4.9. where appropriate, represent the region and promote the interests of the region, e.g. vis-à-vis other networks and international organisations.