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MOU signed between Asia Pacific Quality Network and the Horizon Campus

The main objective of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to establish Horizon Campus as the APQNs Quality Hub in order to collaborate for the benefit of the Parties and to exchange experiences in the implementation of external quality assurance for the improvement of quality of education.

The Parties will share and learn from each other with respect to external quality assurance system, standards, procedures, and protocols for the continuous improvement of quality of education.

Under the auspices of the MOU, and subject to the laws, rules, regulations, procedures and national policies governing the subject matter in their respective countries, the Party will endeavour to take necessary steps to encourage and promote co-operation of mutual interest in the following areas:

a. Establishment of Horizon Campus as the APQNs Quality Hub;
b. Act as resource Centre in Higher Education Good Practices for APQN;
c. Conduct training and certification programs in higher education quality assurance;
d. Bring out publication on quality assurance in higher education;
e. Host onsite and/or online forums, workshops, relating to quality assurance in higher education;
f. Joint or collaborative projects, including exchange of visits, experts and personnel;
g. Exchange of publications, materials, data and information relating to external quality assurance;
h. Organisation and participation in training, conference, exhibition, and other events as deemed appropriate to raise competency in external quality assurance; and
i. Other forms of cooperation as agreed by the Parties.

For the APQN, Dr. Jagannath Patil, President of the APQN and for the Horizon Campus, Mr. Upul Daranagama, Chairman, Horizon Campus have signed the MOU on 6th August 2014.